The Organisation

Heckington Living is a not-for-profit, voluntary organisation based in Heckington. We currently:

  • Publish Heckington Living, a bi-monthly, full colour, glossy village magazine
  • Run Heckington Living Community Radio, a community internet radio station, webcasting 24hrs a day, seven days a week

The Heckington Village Magazine Committee are:

  • Andy Mellett Brown (Chair)
  • Kei Bailey (Vice Chair)
  • Tina Pickering (Treasurer)
  • Lynn Ellis (Secretary)
  • Linda Hayes (Member)
  • Amy Lennox (Member)
  • Anne Clayton (Member)
  • Pat Peck (Member)
  • Simon Williams (Member)

Our magazine team is led by:

  • Amy Lennox (Editor)

Our distribution team is led by:

  • Anne Clayton (Distribution Manager)

Our Advertising Team

  • Pat Peck (Advertising Coordinator)
  • Simon Williams (Supporting)

Our radio station is operated by:

  • Andy and Patricia Mellett Brown

Our website is maintained by:

  • Andy Mellett Brown (Website Administrator)

Heckington Living is supported a busy team, all of whom are volunteers.

Artwork ©2019 Yasemin Kussan