When This is Over

Since its release earlier this year, the single ‘When This is Over’, by The Velvet Hands, has become something of an HLR favourite. The song, an optimistic anthem, looks forward to the day when, free of Coronavirus, we can all go down the pub again – something which certainly resonates with many HLR listeners! This got us thinking…

Fortunately, Harry Brown, who compiles our ‘The Next Big Thing’ programme, knows ‘The Velvs’ and was able to put us in touch with them. Dan, their manager, not only agreed to our proposal, but sent us the backing track. And so, at the end of October, we began the process of recording our own version of the single.

This might sound like a reasonably straight forward process and it might have been, had it not been for the small matter of Coronavirus. This meant that we couldn’t bring our listeners into the studio. Instead, they recorded themselves on their smartphones, tablets and computers and sent us their recordings. The result was a very mixed bag of recordings in more ways than one! Getting them into a useable state and mixing the final song took many hours. But, by the beginning of December we had the final recording.

‘When This is Over’, by the HLR Live Loungers is a testament to the spirit of Heckington Living Community Radio and we are very proud of the end result. It features (in no particular order) Joolz Hudson, Kate Hewson, Colette Buchanan-Gary, Jacki Wright, Dan Kirouac, Patricia Mellett Brown, Rancid Tim, Debbie Mellett, Stacey Jane Gorrie, Ethan Jordan, Linne Wollerton, Gill Cater, Dave Dickinson, Bet Dickinson, Kei Bailey, Dawn Heath, Barry Lindley, Andy Mellett Brown and, of course, The Velvet Hands.

The single costs £1.00 +VAT – all profits from the single will go to SAVEOURVENUES (The Music Venues Trust).

You can buy your cope here: – https://hlrliveloungers.bandcamp.com/track/when-this-is-over