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T4H Planting programme commences

It’s time for Trees for Heckington to plant it’s first trees. Not quite the thousands we hope to be doing in the future but 12, in two locations in the village. The first, is on the grass area on Godson Avenue, opposite Beech Close, and the second is next to the footpath between Laxton Close and the High Street.

Would you like to help and be there at the start with Trees for Heckington? A family might like to adopt a tree, plant it and help to look after it as it grows and flourishes. We will be planting on Friday 21st February and over the weekend of the 22nd and 23rd.

The ‘Best Kept Blooming Village’ team will be clearing the footpath area between Laxton Close and the High Street on Saturday morning (22nd) from 10.30. Can you help?

If you’d like to get involved, please get in touch.

Press release 13 February 2020

‘Trees For Heckington’ is a new project in Heckington, founded by Tim Grigg, which aims to increase the number of trees in Heckington and to explore the establishment of a community wood.

Tree planting seems to be a hot topic at the moment, with the Woodland Trust’s Big Climate Fight back, encouraging everyone to plant a tree. Chris Packham is involved and, as we all know, trees are so important in the battle against Climate Change, as well as just being amazing things.

But where do you plant a tree? No problem if you have a big garden or a field. ‘Trees For Heckington’ is exploring the possibility of obtaining an area of land to transform into a wood, but in the short term there are plenty of spaces within the village where a tree would fit perfectly.

So has anyone any ideas where they would like to see a tree/trees planted in the village? Different locations would best support different type/size of tree. The idea is to come up with a plan…

Speaking after the group’s inaugural meeting on 27 November 2019, Tim Grigg said “We had a great first meeting on Wednesday night. Twelve of us attended, ranging from those who had lived here all their lives, and had a great knowledge of the local trees and hedgerows, to more recent arrivals in the village. Everyone was keen to see more ‘Trees for Heckington’ and we had some great ideas on how we can increase tree cover in the village, and possible areas where we could create an area of natural woodland. “

Working Group Minutes & Agendas

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