The Heckington Living Foundation

Announcement, 28 November 2019

We promised at last year’s AGM that we would investigate registration with the Charities Commission, in order to put production of the magazine on a more secure, long term footing. We discussed our emerging purpose and invited your views in Issue 3 of Heckington Living. Registration as a charity, with defined charitable aims, will secure the appropriate future use of the funds we raise. Having a body of trustees will avoid the difficulty HVM has had in the past, forming a Committee annually to look after magazine production.

Tonight (28 November 2019) we submitted our application to the Charities Commission for the registration of ‘The Heckington Living Foundation’, the new body that will produce Heckington Living once it is registered.

Forming a new charitable body and preparing all the documentation that the Commission requires, as well as continuing to produce the magazine, has been a huge task and I’d like to thank everyone who has assisted us.

The Heckington Living Foundation has applied to register as Charitable Incorporated Organisation (or ‘CIO’).

The new CIO will be established using the Charity Commission’s Foundation Model. The model was developed specifically with small charities like ours in mind and is the simplest of available models.

While our application is being considered, the HVM Committee will continue to produce Heckington Living. Once registration is confirmed (assuming that it is), assets and operations will transfer to new CIO, to ensure seamless production of the magazine.

Rather than being managed by a Committee, CIO’s are governed by a group of trustees who hold office for a fixed term. In October, we published our plans (both on line and via the Village’s notice boards) and asked for those of you interested in becoming the new CIO’s first Trustees to come forward.

I am delighted to report that we have FOUR Trustees for our initial registration. They are:

Andy Mellett Brown, Sue Tucker, Andrew Davison and Rob Lee

Once we are registered we will be looking to strengthen the Trustee group, so should anyone be interested in joining us, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank you all for your continued support, whether that be as a volunteer, contributor or reader of Heckington Living. We are confident that Charity registration will help us to secure continued publication of Heckington Living for many years to come.

Andy Mellett Brown, Chair

Heckington Village Magazine

c/o Community Hub & Library, St Andrew’s Street, Heckington, NG34 9RE

[email protected]