Privacy Policy

Heckington Village Magazine

Address: c/o Community Hub & Library, St Andrew’s Street, Heckington, NG34 9RE.

If you have questions regarding this Policy and our privacy practices, please email

  1. Having completed the relevant registration self assessment, Heckington Village Magazine considers itself to be exempt from the requirement to register, under the General Data Protection Regulations (‘GDPR’) with the Information Commissioner’s Office. This is because we are a small, not for profit community group, producing a village magazine, i.e. ‘Heckington Living’, for the benefit of the people and community of Heckington.
  2. By ‘not for profit’ we mean that the people who run Heckington Village Magazine do so on an entirely voluntary basis for which they receive no renumeration. 100% of the money received by Heckington Village Magazine is used for the purposes of producing Heckington Living, Heckington Village Magazine’s operating costs and its stated purposes (please see our Mission Statement).
  3. In order to provide services to you as a purchaser or subscriber to Heckington Living, we collect and store your contact details as well as your responses to emails such as are necessary for the effective provision of the services we offer.
  4. Heckington Village Magazine will not give your data to any third parties and for the avoidance of doubt, will never give your personal details to third parties for marketing or other non-essential purposes without your informed consent.
  5. You have the right to contact us in order to remove consent, to correct, amend, or to erase your personal data at any time, where relevant. Where your information is required for statutory record keeping purposes, we reserve the right under UK law not to comply with your request.
  6. Heckington Village Magazine uses various applications to administer the limited personal data we hold. We do not use these applications to perform profiling or any kind of automated decision-making about you or your organisation.
  7. We will keep any email communications received from you, which may contain your personal data for at least the minimum statutory period allowed, normally in the case of your transaction history, this is 6 years. Please note that Heckington Village Magazine has a legitimate interest in retaining your personal data for legal and financial record keeping purposes.
  8. When you buy magazines or subscriptions from Heckington Village Magazine does not hold, process or have access to any financial data provided by you during the transaction. All such transactions are handled by in accordance with the payment card industry (PCI) compliance standard. PCI is a set of specific security standards that were developed to protect card information during and after a financial transaction. When you click on one of the above “Buy Now” buttons you will be transferred to a PayPal hosted payments page where your details will be processed. 
  9. In order to ensure that you receive the goods you have purchased or ordered from us, Heckington Village Magazine will receive and hold such email communications as the PayPal system generates and sends. We hold these emails on the servers we use solely for the purpose of completing and honouring your purchase. Such emails do not contain your payment card data. Any such data is held and processed by PayPal.
  10. We cannot absolutely guarantee the security of any information that you transmit to us via the internet and remind you that you do so at your own risk. All personal details received by us are held in email accounts and using applications protected by password. We do not allow unauthorised access to our email accounts or applications and do all that we can reasonably do to ensure that only authorised persons have access to any email that you send to us.
  11. This policy is currently only available in English.
  12. To print or download a copy of this policy, please use the relevant option in your browser.