Our Aims

The aims of Heckington Living are:

i) To publish ‘Heckington Living’, a bi-monthly village magazine covering the Heckington* area.

ii) To use, where available resources allow, the funds that we raise and the resources and facilities of Heckington Living to advance the community of Heckington, for the benefit of local people, by:

– Supporting innovation and initiatives by individuals and groups, working to develop and deliver services or social or cultural activities, where they directly benefit the people of Heckington.

– Promoting existing voluntary groups in Heckington, by helping to raise their public profile, working with them to increase public awareness, support and participation.

– Promoting partnership working with individuals, groups and bodies in Heckington that contribute to local community services and social and cultural activities in Heckington.

– Delivering such services and activities directly, where they benefit local people.

(By ‘Heckington’ and ‘the Heckington area’ we mean the villages of Heckington, East Heckington, Great Hale, Little Hale and local environs).

Our operating model:

In our first 18 months of operations, we have built a large team of volunteers and supporters (30+) which, along with the money we raise by publishing the magazine, enables us to support other individuals and groups, working to improve our community. To do this, we have developed an operating model, via which individuals and groups can affiliate to Heckington Living and operate under our banner. We can provide management and organisational support, a certain amount of funding, social media and website services and so on to help people develop new community initiatives. 

Applying this model in our first year, we were able to support ‘Trees for Heckington’ (a new local group working to establish a community wood for Heckington), Heckington Living Community Larder, which subsequently became fully independent, and Heckington Living Community Radio (‘HLR’), managed by Andy and Patricia Mellett Brown. 

You can read our full operating model and constitution by clicking on the links below:-

Heckington Living

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