Live Shows

HLR Live Shows

  • Sundays, 9-11am, Wake Up To Sunday, with Dave Brackley
  • Sundays, 7-9pm, At Home With Andy & Trish
  • Mondays, 11am-1pm (EST), 4-6pm (UK), The CALMute Home with Sean Fullerton
  • Mondays, 8-10pm, Martin and Di’s Kyme Konnection
  • Tuesdays, 5-6.30pm, Jason R’s Tea-Time Special
  • Tuesdays, 8-10pm, Behind The Beats, with Simon Williams
  • Wednesdays, 6.30-7.30am, The Wednesday Word with Dr Joo
  • Wednesdays, 8-10pm, At Home with Andy & Trish
  • Thursdays, 5-6.30pm, Jason R’s Tea-Time Special
  • Thursdays, 7.30-8.30pm, Sixties Grooves with Martin Davies
  • Thursdays, 9-10.30pm, The Massachusetts Experience with Dan Kirouac and Sean Fullerton
  • Fridays, 8-11.30pm, with Dave Brackley
  • Saturdays, 10am-12.00, Tracks Through Time, with Dr Joo and The Matron
  • Saturdays, 8pm-10pm, The 70’s & 80s Show Live with Tim
  • 2nd Saturday of The Month, 10.30-11.30pm, The Punk Show with Rancid Tim (12/6, 10/7, 14/8, 11/9, 9/10, 13/11, 11/12)

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