Andy Mellett Brown

Andy founded Heckington Living Community Radio with his wife, Patricia in March 2020, in response to Coronavirus and the impact of lockdown on local people. Professionally, he works for the Care Quality Commission as National Registration Advisor – a far cry from running an internet radio station! He does have some form, having founded and presented on another station in the early 2000’s (now called Solid Front Radio, based in Barnsley). A keen music fan, Andy is also Chair of Heckington Living, which rescued Heckington Village Magazine from closure at the beginning of 2019.

Patricia Mellett Brown

HLR co-founder, Patricia makes up the other half of the presenting team on HLR’s Wednesday and Sunday evening live shows. ‘Trish’ is a keen and talented artist, and ran her own creative retail business for many years. Everybody’s favourite HLR voice, presenting radio may not come naturally to Trish but, together, the husband and wife team present a relaxed, intimate programme that one listener described as ” a window into their living room – it’s like being there with them.”

Trish and Andy’s live shows are on Wednesdays at 8pm and Sundays at 7pm.

Julie (Joolz) Hudson

Joolz joined the team just before the second wave of ‘lockdown’ came along and temporarily postponed her presenting career with HLR.

However, we’re happy to report that Joolz is now back, as ‘Dr Joo’. Together with Kate, aka The Matron, and with a nod to their passion for Steampunk, Dr Joo and The Matron will be travelling back in time, to bring you the top 20 UK chart songs for that week from two selected years – it could be the 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s, 00s or the 10s.

Join them LIVE on Saturday mornings from 10am-12 on HLR!

Dave Brackley

Simon Williams

Dave has lived in Heckington since 1991, having settled here whilst serving in the RAF. He has three three children and comes from a very musical family.

As well as presenting on HLR, Dave is frontman of local band, Stuck With Nothing and acoustic project, Unstuck. He loves music and cars, but Dave reckons that “music is is the key to it all. One of my of earliest memories is of the Beatles, Penny Lane playing on the radio at home (yes, first time around). I can’t go anywhere in the car without a playlist blasting out. It’s a passion.”

Dave’s LIVE show is on Fridays from 8pm till 10pm.

Simon joined us in the run up to Christmas with his new programme ‘Behind The Beats’. It’s a show devoted to sharing largely unexposed music from uncelebrated bands to legendary music producers from all over the globe.

Each week we’ll hear from an eclectic mix of music in a wide variety of genres from alternative to zydeco; including blues, folk, rock, soul, reggae, jazz, downtempo, electronica and many more.

Behind the Beats will share a Spotify playlist each week, helping you to explore the music you liked and add to that playlist at home!

Join Simon every Tuesday night 8pm to 10pm on Heckington Living Community Radio.