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The King’s Pizza, by Kei Bailey (schedule)

Moss The Mill Mouse, by Kei Bailey (schedule)

Story Time with Miss Johnson (schedule)

Hi. My name is Miss Johnson and I am 20 years old. I am a trainee teacher working in a local primary school, but due to current circumstances am finding myself with more time at home. I am missing working with children and really want to do my bit to keep them smiling. So, every weekday at 7pm, I read a story live on Facebook available for anyone who wants to watch.  I read comments, mention names and say hello to everyone watching where possible. Hopefully this is a great bedtime relaxer and a 10 minutes breather for parents. 
After about 2 weeks of creating the videos Heckington Community Radio reaches out to me and asked me to feature on their stream. Of course, I want to share the stories with as many children as possible.  I really hope this is bringing smiles and a bit of routine to both children, siblings, parents and grandparents during these uncertain times.

As well as Miss Johnson’s appearances on HLR, you can find her on Facebook.