How to listen

It’s easy to listen to HLR. You’ll find us on many internet radio platforms. Here are just some of them:

Direct from Live365

Simply click on the ‘play button’

Or go to our Live365 station page.

Using Alexa

To listen to HLR on Alexa-powered devices, login to your amazon account, search for the Live365 Skill and enable it (it is free).

Now you can play HLR on your Alexa device by saying “Alexa, play Live Three Sixty-Five Heckington Living Community Radio” (note that it is spoken “sixty-five”, not “six five”).

The next time you want to play HLR, just say “Alexa, play Live Three-Sixty Five”. Alexa will remember the last station you played (i.e. HLR) and ask whether you want to listen to the station again. Just say “Yes”.

Or use the Simple Radio skill

If you have difficulty getting Alexa to understand HLR on the Live 365 skill, you can also try the Simple Radio Skill.

This works in the same way but seems to find Heckington Living Community Radio more easily.

Install the skill via Amazon and say “Alexa, ask Simple Radio to play Heckington Living Community Radio”.

Radio Garden

We love Radio Garden. We think it is one of the best players around. You will find us here: –

Other Radio Players

You will also find HLR at The Online Radio Box –