HLR Studios

HLR predominantly webcasts from the homes of its presenters, who mainly provide their own studio and computer equipment, although we help with costs where we can and provide technical guidance and support.

DJ’s Andy Mellett Brown & Joolz (‘Dr Joo’) Hudson

HLR is streamed by Live365.com, one of the biggest online radio platforms in the world. When we’re live, the presenter sends a single MP3 stream to Live365, who then relay the stream to our many listeners. Live365 is based in Pittsburgh, PA in the USA. So when you listen to an HLR live show, the stream has passed around the globe!


HLR is not a ‘pirate’ radio station. We pay to stream music to you and are licensed, via Live365, in the UK (through PPL and PRS for music licensing), in the USA (through SoundExchange, ASCAP, BMI and SESAC) and in Canada (through SOCAN and Re:Sound).

Streaming Application

We stream to Live365 with MIXXX DJ’ing and mixing software.

MIXXX is available on Windows, MacOS and Linux and is free.

Studio Equipment

Presenting a live show on HLR, and streaming it to Live365 does not require expensive studio equipment. Andy and Patricia use:-

Computer – Apple MacPro (mid 2010), 2 x 2.4 Quad Core

Video – Benq BL3200B

Hardware mixing (for multiple mics and inputs) – Eurorack MX1604A desk

Mics – Sennheiser 825S and Shure PGA48

Headphones – Sennheiser HD202