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THANK YOU to all the groups who took part and to everyone who came and voted at ‘Heckington Coming Together’ today. Astonishingly, 174 of you did! So many, in fact, that we ran out of voting slips – twice! A special thanks to Simon and Anna at the Pavilion for hosting the event for FREE and to all of the Pavilion staff who helped the event to run so smoothly. What a marvellous community resource the Pavilion is. A very special thanks to Jody Raggo from VCS North Kesteven, without whom the event would not have been possible. Amazing work Jody – what an asset you are to the region! Thank you too to my marvellous Committee at Heckington Living. I was very proud of Heckington Living today. But it was thanks to everyone who took part in the event that we were able to allocate £2000 in funding and BEST OF ALL, you decided who got it.

Congratulations to those groups who came out tops in the vote and will be awarded £500 each. They were:-

Heckington Community Swimming Pool – 587pts

Heckington Best Kept Blooming Village – 501pts

Heckington Lawn Tennis Club – 462pts

Heckington Players ADS – 433pts

We will be in touch with those 4 groups during the next few days to arrange the transfer of funds.

Commiserations to those groups who were not successful this time. They were:-

Heckington Village Hall – 400pts

Heckington & District Bowls Club – 384pts

Trees For Heckington – 377pts

We hope to do another event soon with an even bigger pot! But most importantly, the success of the event today shows what we can achieve when we come together. Let’s keep that conversation going!